Donor & Fundraising Management Software Solution for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations serve two groups of constituents: Recipients of their services and Supporters who invest their time and money to ensure that the Nonprofit can succeed in its mission.

Managing these relationships within and across these two groups is one of the most significant challenges that a Nonprofit has to deal with especially given the austere economy that has stifled contributions and public support in recent years.

Effective management of these relationships involves case management, activity management and the integration of a relationship management application with the financial application including public facing websites and documentation management sites, if they exist at all.

Industry applications specifically designed to address today’s Nonprofit organization can help you overcome existing challenges with non-integrated and non-industry specific software. A solution tailored for you based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you to:

  • Manage both recipients and supporters.
  • Deliver sophisticated Case Management.
  • Address requirements for data, activities and relationships.
  • Automate processes and send alerts.
  • Utilize familiar Microsoft interfaces with out-of-the box integration to Microsoft Office
  • Deploy either on-premise or through the cloud, thus offering  financial flexibility.

As constituents become accustomed to sophisticated, tailored and active management of their relationships by institutions that manage their finances, travel and insurance they will come to expect the same from the charitable organizations they support. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an effective and inexpensive solution to help you deliver on this expectation.

OTT, Inc. has a proven track record for working with Nonprofit organizations in Minnesota. We have architected, customized and implemented both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP solutions for our local Nonprofit organizations. Read what our Nonprofit clients have to say.